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1) Wipe your equipment down with the provided sanitizer around the gym before and after use.

2) Put your weights away.

3) NO TAILGATING. If and when we catch you, your membership will be revoked. If you have a guest please notify us as we have a guest pass available for purchase. 

4) Be respectful of one another. 

5) No music with profanity in it.

6) The record board is to be updated by Plain City Barbell staff only. DO NOT erase or add any information on this board. 


7) Plain City Barbell Staff solely reserves the right to rescind the rights or revoke the membership of members not complying with the terms and conditions of their membership.


Why do I need an appointment to join? We do not staff the gym with specific hours. We are all busy. We will take time to show you through our facility, answer any and all questions. 

What is the guest policy?  If you want to train here, you join. If you have a friend or family member visiting or wants to try the gym out for a day, contact us for daily and weekly rates. All memberships will need to be paid for in advance with appropriate waivers signed before utilizing the gym. WE WILL CANCEL YOUR MEMBERSHIP IF YOU BRING A GUEST WITHOUT OUR PERMISSION.

What if I don’t like the music? We make an attempt to play music that most can enjoy. However, bring headphones if you don’t like our music. Bringing a speaker or playing your music through your phone without headphones is not permitted. If another member is playing prohibited music, please notify the owners immediately via text (614) 681 - 4300. 

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